Administrative Department

Signtronix is a well established organization which has a strong administrative department to conduct and control all administrative related activities. All the administrative works are directed by the Executive Director. The Chief Executive Officer always monitors all administrative works whether properly perform the administrative works or not. Generally, the Chief Executive Officer deals directly with big administrative issue. Besides, meeting, conference, foreign and local investment and corrospondance related issues are completed by our efficient and effective administrative department

Executives Department

Signtronix started its business journey since 2004 and giving lead as a pioneer leader in this sector of Digital Printing Machine supply as well as other sign related products. As the business activities of Signtronix day by day are expanding, Signtronix occupied its own office space 5260 square fit.  We import Digital Printing Machines, Direct Textile Printing Machine (DTG), Dye Sublimation Printer Machine, CNC Router, Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine, Heat Press Sublimation Mug & T-Shirt Machine and printing Materials from CHINA, JAPAN, KOREA, GERMAN & TAIWAN. Signtronix is the only organization who introduced Seiko Head Digital Solvent Inkjet Printing Machine (Challenger Brand of FEI YEUNG UNION) in Bangladesh in 2008 and before it was importing XAAR Head Challenger Brand Printing Machine as well as Konicka Minolta 512i, Solvent Inkjet Printing Machine (Human Digital Brand of Human Digital Technology C0., Ltd. Signtronix is the Sole Agent of Challenger Brand of FEI YEUNG UNION and Mimaki Brand of Mimaki Engineering Co. LTd., Human Digital Brand of Human Digital Technology CO., Ltd, Yueming Laser Brand of Han’s Yueming Laser, Suda Brand CNC Router of Anhui Tongxing Technology Development Co., Ltd, Best Sub Brand of Bestsub Technologies Co Limited, all companies are well renowned in the industry of Digital Printing Machine, Direct Textile Printing Machine and Materials manufacturer in the world. At present, Signtronix hold Significant percent share in the market of selling Machine in Bangladesh and covering 60 percent market in Bangladesh for selling UV Printer, Digital Printing Machine, Textile Printing Machine, Cutting Plotter, Laminator, Laser & Engraver, CNC router, Heat Press Dye sublimation Mug & T-Shirt Printer to meet the all demands of customers.

Marketing Department

In the present business situation it is very tough to survive in the world without effective marketing. In the present business world without effective Marketing, it is really tough to any organization to survive or do well business with competition with competitors in the same business industry. From this point of view, Signtronix has made a dynamic and effective Marketing team to perform the all Marketing related activities properly. The Marketing team of Signtronix consists of well educated, honest, energetic and dynamic person. The Marketing team always try to make a good relationship with the clients by ensuring quality service. Besides, the Marketing team goes to all printing house to identify the ways and get suggestions how to give customers expected services. Signtronix’s Marketing team always busy with making a distinct Marketing layout and different strategies to lead as a pioneer leader with best services and goods in the present Market of Bangladesh

Sales Department

Sales department of the Signtronix is very well organized. All of the members of sales department always try to give all types of Printing Materials to the customers to meet their demand. All the Sales executives are well educated, honest, sincer about their sales related works. The objective of sales executives is to maximize sales as well as meet the all demands of customers and making a good relationship with all the customers. Sales department is selling the varieties items including Printing Machines like (UV Flat Bed, Mini UV Flat Bed/Gift Item UV Solvent, Inkjet, Cutting Plotter and Laminator), Pvc (Frontlit), Flex (Backlit), One Way Vision, Reflective sticker & PVC, Orajet Vinyl, Adhesive STR Vinyl, Adhesive STR Lamination Film, Inkjet Vinyl (Indoor & Outdoor), Inkjet Cloth Banner, Challenger XAAR and Seiko Solvent Ink, Inkjet Ink (Outdoor & Indoor). Stands (X stands, Econoroll up, Scrolling) and accessories of Machine etc. Besides, Signtronix is selling the Direct textile printers and Dye Sublimation Printers of Human Digital Brand as well as Mimaki Brand Dye Sublimation Printers. Signtronix is also selling in addition Laser Engraving & Cutting Machine and CNC Router Machines as well as Mug & T-Shirt Dye sublimation Heat Press Machine including all kinds of Dye Sublimation Mug, Ring, Photo Stone, Photo Frame, Kids School Bag

Technical Support Department

The technical team of Signtronix consists of five members who are well educated, knowledgeable, honest, energetic and industrious. Signtronix always tries to give better technical service with best level of its by the strong technical team. All the engineers of Signtronix are very co-operative and responsible to provide better technical service to the clients of Signtronix for ensuring the satisfaction of customers. All of Five engineers got training about Challenger brand printing Machines in China and Mimaki brand printing Machine in Japan as well as South Korea, Singapore, Thailand. Time to time technical team visits the different printing firms or organizations to find out the ways that how Signtronix can give better technical service to them

Our Organogram

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